Therebuilding of Palestine is claiming the attention of Jews throughout the earth. Some of the Gentile world powers are outwardly favoring the movement but manifestly for se&h reasons.

JUDGE RUTHERFORD, known throughout the world as a friend of the Hebrew people, is vigorously upporting the daim of the Jews to the Holy Land. He is opposed to proselyting the Jews, holding that such s not only wrong but contrary to the Scriptures. His ectures to large audiences, which have been broadcast hroughout the world, on “JEWS RETURNING TO ALESTINE”, have created an intense interest. There s a great demand for them in printed form. He has mplified these lectures and now presents them in book orm. This volume will be of profound interest to ews and Gentiles alike. It is the first unbiased presentation of the subject from the Scriptural viewpoint ublished.

The Publishers send forth this volume confident that it will do great good.


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