For many centuries honest men have sought to understand the prophecies of the Bible. Many men have attempted to interpret such prophecies in advance of their fulfilment. All such have failed. The reason is that “no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation”.

Never before has there been a book published that makes clear so much of the prophecies of the Bible as this book. The author claims no credit therefor. He does not even attempt to interpret the prophecies. He sets forth the facts, well known to all, showing fulfilment of the prophecies and the proof that it is God’s z’;;l,e,~o~ to reveal to man the understanding

For Aany centuries the name of Jehovah has been defamed. The reason why God has permitted this is made clear in this book. Best of all, the proof is conclusive that God’s due time is at hand to vindicate his name before all creation; this to be followed shortly by the establishment of the world in peace and righteousness and the blessing of the peoples with prosperity and life.

The publisher can not too strongly recommend this book. Written in plain phrase, it can be understood by all. No attempt is made to honor any creature. The purpose of the book is to honor the name of Jehovah and to open the eyes of the people to the truth.

THE Publisher


 Prophecy and its fulfilment is the vindication of the name and the Word of Jehovah. No man is the author of true prophecy. No man can interpret true prophecy. God is the Author of true prophecy, and in his own due time he makes it plain.

In the pages following many of the prophecies as they appear in the Bible are set out. The divine rules for judging prophecy are set forth, and by these rules one may discern between false and true prophets. No attempt is made to interpret prophecy, but the physical facts which have come to pass are set along side the prophecy, thereby showing that God foreknew all things and that in his own due time and good way he has fulfilled and is fulfilling his prophecy. Because it is now God’s due time to make clear his prophecies, any unbiased student can now see much of the fulfllment thereof. Many of the prophecies apply to the future, but in the light of what is now being fulfllled the immediate future can be well approximated and what is about to befall the world is readily seen.

An understanding of prophecy establishes faith and confidence in God and lifts many burdens from mankind. The understanding thereof reveals the true reason why evil has prevailed for many centuries and why God’s due time is at hand to relieve mankind from the oppression of evil. Jehovah God is man’s eternal Friend and Benefactor. Nothing makes this fact clearer than his prophecies which he is now unfolding to those who seek and love the truth.


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