WHAT is the origin of man? What will be man’s destiny. Why is there so much poverty amongst men? What is the cause of sickness and death? How may we know that man will ever be brought into full harmony with God and enjoy the blessings of life everlasting1 These and many related questions are answered in this book. The proof given in support of the reasons assigned is so clear and convincing that all doubt is removed. Its value to mankind at this time can not be overstated. The Publisher takes great pleasure in presenting this book to the public. It is sent out with confidence that the book will be of wonderful benefit to the people and an honor to the name of Jehovah.

The publishers


The peoples of earth are in distress. They want to know the real cause and what is the remedy. This book should bring peace to the troubled souls who read, because it contains a plain statement of the loving provision Jehovah God has made to give man everlasting life on earth, together with all blessings incident thereto. The writer does not give his opinion. No human interpretation of Xcripture is advanced. The contents of this book are a statement of the facts as they exist and the citation of the Scriptures in support thereof. You can understand it. It is hoped that it will bring gladness to those who read and lead them to honor Jehovah’s great Name.

The Author

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