THE combined testimony of the world’s greatest statesmen is that the governments of earth not only are imperfect, but generally are corrupt. For centuries men have struggled to establish a good government that would satisfy the desires of the honest. Now it is admitted that all efforts have failed to accomplish such result. There is a reason. Of course Jehovah foreknew and foretold the futile efforts of man. The time is now ripe for the mind of man to be turned to the sober and candid examination of God’s plan for the establishment of a righteous government on earth which will fulfil the legitimate desires of all, What is set forth in the following pages is not the expressed opinion of man. The facts are plainly stated as they exist. Jehovah’s Word is given as authority, which shows the reason for present conditions and outlines the complete remedy for human ills. All men and women of every language and tongue should take the keenest interest in good government. This book will enlighten you because it contains the truth.

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