THIS book contains a message of good news. It enables the people to have before them the positive evidence from which they may determine who is their worst enemy and who is their greatest friend. It shows why the people have been subjected to so much affliction and suffering and how they may and will be delivered from all their foes.

The names of the three great persons herein made conspicuous are: Jehovah the Father, and the Logos and Lucifer his sons. The son Lucifer organizes and carries on a wicked rebellion which Jehovah does not hinder until his own due time, when he intervenes and puts down the rebellion and the rebels. By and through his loyal Son, the Logos, he completely delivers the people and then showers upon them his gracious blessings.

This book contains a statement of the outworking of the divine purpose. It establishes faith, creates hope, and makes glad the soul. In due time all the peoples of earth must have an opportunity to know the message this book contains. The time is now due when they must begin to hear it. Let every one who reads tell it to his neighbor. The day of deliverance is at hand!


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