FOR centuries man has searched for the fountain of eternal youth that he might for ever enjoy health, peace, and endless happiness. That great secret has ever been with Jehovah God. His time has come to reveal it to man, and to open to the vision of all who desire to know, the way to everlasting life on earth. Jesus said: “This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” This proves that knowledge of the way of life is necessary. This book is written to enable men to obtain that priceless knowledge. The great secret treasure of the truth is in the Word of God, and the student must find it there. The pages that follow will enable the reader to locate it.

Job  is  an  outstanding  character  of  the  Bible.  The  book  bearing  his  name  has  long  been a mystery,  to  be  understood  only  in  God’s  time. Herein  the  prophetic  words  of  the  Book  of  Job are  placed  alongside  of  the  facts  which  are known  to  exist,  and  the  student  is  thereby  enabled  to  see  the  meaning  of  that  book.

If mankind can be restored to perfection of body and mind, and live for ever on earth in prosperity, health, peace and happiness, then all the difficulties that beset the world will be solved. Such are the blessings that God is now opening to man. Life by redemption and restitution is God’s way, and therefore the only way, for man to live for ever. Every man must be brought to the knowledge of that fact. Parents owe it to themselves and to their children to obtain that knowledge. It is within the reach of all.


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