THE streamline express, crowded with passengers, was speeding at one hundred miles per hour. It must cross the river on a bridge which made an almost fifty-percent curve, so that the persons on the rear platform of the train could see the engine. Immediately upon emerging from the tunnel the train was entering upon the bridge. Two men riding on the rear platform of the obscrvation car were seriously discussing the troublesome world conditions and expressing hope that some means would be found to avert another world war. The alarming scream of the engine whistle and the sudden application of the emcrgency brakes caused the men to look, and to their great astonishment they beheld that a span of the bridge at the far end was on fire and falling into the river. They realized that they were facing great danger. That was a real emergency. Could the train be stopped in time to save the lives of the many passengers aboard?

Today every nation is in the grip of fear. In many nations there is internal distress and djsturbnnce. This is seized upon by the ruling factors as an excuse for unprecedented taxation and an orgy of spending of public funds. The break-up of the seventh world power is threatened and greatly feared by those who rule. Dictators imperil all nations, and even now the iberties of’ the people are about all gone. In these modern days wars begin without a formal declaration and truly it is now said that uneasy lie the heads of those who rule. Fearing an attack from some source, each nation is making enormous preparation for war, and this furnishes further excuse to deprive the people of their liberties. It is believed by many that armed conflict irlvolving all nations of the earth is just at the threshold, and hence all nations are attempting to fortify themselves against such an emergency. Is there any way to escape to a place of safety? Only those who believe, understand and confidently rely upon God and Ris Word know what is soon to come to pass. Sincere persons are anxious to know. Unbiased consideration of what follows will enable each person of good will to see and fully appreciate the only way of escape.


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